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The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo

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The Apple founder’s unique method of capturing all types of audience by Carmine Gallo


Steve Jobs was not only a visionary but also a superb communicator. In his book illustrated with anecdotes, Carmine Gallo subtly decrypts the communication tricks used by the Apple founder. This pragmatic yet demanding presentation method reflects the style, character and philosophy of the brilliant founder of Apple, who was admired for his charisma and natural ease. Along the way, Steve Jobs gave us some spiritual maxims that are still relevant today: “believe in yourself and your destiny with all your might”.

This book reveals the countless hours he spent practising and his maniacal attention to detail, as a result of which his slightest utterance and his smallest gesture, while appearing spontaneous, were actually calculated and carefully pre-planned. It will teach you how to enjoy communicating more but will also increase the pleasure of your audiences when listening to you. The specific advice and numerous examples offered by the book will help you to design and structure your presentations and communication more generally to enhance your impact.


Who is Carmine GALLO ?


Author of best-sellers about communication, Carmine GALLO is a communication consultant and journalist. In particular, he advises corporate executives about preparing conferences or launching products. Carmine GALLO has analysed speeches by Steve JOBS, CEO and founder of Apple, over the past two decades.

From his very first speeches, in a suit and bow tie, during which he vilified his enemy IBM, up to his masterful lectures to Stanford students, his book analyses all the marketing secrets from the founder of Apple: the art of choosing what to wear, the use of figures and slides, staging the villain and the savour, and so on. The entire book, with its very didactic tone, is full of stories about the itinerary of Steve JOBS and the making of one of the most beautiful success stories in high-tech.





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