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Step into an assessor’s shoes

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Recruitment, internal mobility, skills development… there are many situations in which a detailed assessment of the professional skills and behaviour of employees and/or candidates is required.

Using Apostrof’s professional role play exercises, you can find out about your employees’/candidates’ strengths and the areas they need to work on. Produce a precise individual diagnosis in an assessment center (case studies and role play simulations) to make every assessment a success.

It only takes a few hours and enables you to:
– precisely identify positive skills and behaviour,
– detect professional potential,
– make more effective use of training and skills management.



Head hunting helps you to target rare and high profils. Attract, engage and match the best talent thanks to Executive Search. 

Explore how an individual will perform in the future : Discover our Assessment Center based on simulation of a professional environment. 

If you’d like to learn more about assessing and developing your leadership team, get in touch with us, fill in the contact form below.


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