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First candle for Apostrof!

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Creating a company is really quite an adventure. A year ago, I didn’t know whether I’d still be here, and yet, here we are! To give you an idea of Apostrof as it was in 2011, we are going to tell you our story, from the origins of Apostrof up to today. You’ll find out about our struggles and our successes, our doubts and our failed partnerships!


From the aborted take-over to the creation of Apostrof


The financial crisis of 2008 created many disruptions to our economy. For recruitment agencies, the shockwave was felt more in 2009, a crucial moment for small companies whose turnover fell significantly. These difficulties showed that taking over a company, as I had planned, was no longer feasible. So, I decided to embark upon the great adventure of creating a company, alone and somewhat put off by a partnership/sale that turned out to be a scam!

For a few months, Accent existed, but it was quickly caught by a large company with a name that sounded almost the same, and which asked me to withdraw the application for the company name. Accent changed and turned into Apostrof, much to everyone’s delight. In fact, many of you said you preferred the sound of the new name, which inspired a more dynamic image.

For those who are interested, the origin of the spelling of Apostrof comes from a reference to a turn of fate that led to my discovering my profession in a Czech recruitment agency (not Russian as some believe!).


From Rue Bellecombe to Cours Lafayette


The first year got off to a good start, and we quickly found our feet. And yes, our clients remained faithful despite the circumstances and made sure that this first year went by really quickly! Our first communications officer started working full-time on a permanent contract to help with human resources matters we value and to promote the profiles of our recently created network of partners sharing our professional values and convictions. Thank you very much to all those who believed in us. We want to change recruitment and we intend to stay!

You will find us at our new premises at 294 Cours Lafayette, 69003 Lyon ! For those who were not able to attend the inauguration on 30 June last year, please come and have a coffee with us! Thank you to all our clients and partners for coming to our first birthday celebrations.






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